Public Works

Public works provides many different service to the citizens of Mount Olive.  They repair water leaks, pick up yard waste and furniture. They repair sidewalks and potholes, they mow abandoned lots during the summer months, keep storm drains clear, put up Christmas and Pickle Festival Decorations, install sewer taps and keep the Town vehicles mantained. 

Public Works has four budget departments: Public Works, Trash Pick Up, Sewer Collections & Water Distribution.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take requests for mowing lots?

We do not take requests for mowing lots. We start at one end of town and go to the other, then start over again.

Why won't you clean out my ditch?

Certain ditches are Blue Line ditches that are owned by the State of North Carolina. This means the flow of water can't be changed or impeded. There will be a monetary penalty and/or arrest if a violation occurs.

What if I have a water leak afterhours?

You may call Dispatch at 919-658-5031 Option 2. They will contact the on call personnel who will respond to your call as soon as possible.

There is a tree limb down in my yard, can you get it for me?

We are not allowed to go on someone's property to move any type of debris. It is the responsibility of the home owner.

I hit a pot hole and damaged my car. What should I do?

You will need to contact the Town Manager (Jammie Royall) and bring in two estimates and photos of the location (we may not have been aware of the pot hole) and the damage. Your claim will then be submitted to our insurance company and they will handle your claim from there.

I have a street light out in my area. Who should I call?

You may contact Administrative Assistant/Town Clerk Sherry Davis at 919-658-9539 ext. 106. She will need the pole number and the address closest to the pole. It is usually repaired within 24 to 72 hours of being reported.

How can I tell if a road is maintained by the State or the Town?

Any road that has a yellow line is maintained by the State of North Carolina and you will need to contact the NCDOT. Roads with no line or a white line are maintained by the Mount Olive Public Works Department.

If my sewer stops up what should I do?

We can only handle the blockage if it is in the connection at the street. You must have a clean out (a pipe with a lid a few feet from the road) before the Town can proceed. If the blockage is past the connection at the street (under ground pipes leading into the home) it is the home owners responsibility.

If you do not have a clean out then you will need to contact a licensed plumber.

What type of pest control is provided by the Town?

We do spray for mosiquitos from May 15th through October 15th. We do not provide home owners with rat poison and are not responsible for snake control.

Why does the Town not mow the railroad tracks?

The Railroad is owned and operated by CSX Railroad. The Town has been instructed not to encroach the railroad property. A violation would result in a monetary penalty or arrest.

There is a deceased animal in my yard, who do I call?

Public Works only picks up deceased animals in or beside the street. We can not go on private property to remove a deceased animal.

Contact Info

Mitchell Davis
Public Works Director
200 South Chestnut Street
919-658-9517 ext. 301

Calvin Morrisey
Public Works Garage
200 South Chestnut Street

Johnny Evans
Administrative Assistant
200 South Chestnut Street
919-658-9517 ext. 304

Jeremy King
Utilities Director
322 Gordon Street

After Hours Water/Sewer Emergencies
919-658-5031 Option 2